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The “Buzz-Kill” Question of How Am I Going To Get Home?

Drunk Driving

How many times have you been out drinking with your buddies and when it is time to finally leave one of your friend’s drops the infamous line “I’m fine to drive.” When you challenge them and ask them to walk a straight line they proceed to stumble and realize how intoxicated they truly are. The “I’m fine” mentality is prevalent among members of society today after they have thrown back a couple of drinks. Unfortunately this leads to DUIs (driving under the influence) or as they are called in Indiana, OWIs (operating while intoxicated). It doesn’t matter if you are just barely over the legal limit, they will take you to jail and you will be charged with an OWI.

How many times have you been out drinking with your buddies and when it is time to finally leave one of your friend’s drops the infamous line “I’m fine to drive.”

One way to help prevent ending up in jail and spending thousands of dollars, complete a term of probation, and lose your license is by utilizing the technology that we have readily available today. For example, sometimes when people are on probation they are forced to get a mechanism installed in their car that won’t allow the engine to start unless the person is deemed completely sober. Unfortunately this is an expensive device to install, so they only do it for people who are already in legal trouble. There are a various number of steps that you can take to avoid the embarrassment and the financial burden of a DUI by utilizing modern technology before you get arrested.

One way to monitor one’s level of soberness is to use this BAC calculator app on ones smartphone. Many people have smartphones and iphones these days so why not check it out and see if you are too intoxicated to drive. All you have to do is type in what drinks/shots/wines you have had and how many. You will then give them your weight, and length of drinking time. With this information it will be able to calculate what your BAC approximately is and should be a good guide as to whether you should be operating a vehicle or not.

Another way to determine whether it is ok for you to drive is to buy the iBreath attachment for your iphone. It basically serves as a breathalyzer attachment and it will give you an accurate reading as to how much alcohol is currently in your system. It runs for about $40 and that is way cheaper than if you get arrested for a DUI. It also serves as a good way to inform your friends if they have had too much without having an argument with your friend who claims to be “quite alright.”

Another option that is similar to the iBreath is a breathalyzer keychain for all of those who don’t have a smart phone. This keychain can be with you at all times and can be an accurate way to gauge whether driving after drinking will land you in the drunk tank for the night or at home sound asleep in your bed after paying $15 for a ride home from a cab. Why take the risk in trying to gauge how much you have drank on your own when you could have an accurate measuring device right next to the same keys you have to use to start your car.

One final form of technology that could prevent you from deciding to get behind the wheel while intoxicated is to purchase a portable Breathalyzer and to leave it in your car. Once you get in the front seat, you can pull out the Breathalyzer and check if you are ready to drive. If your BAC is above the legal limit you can either call a friend for a ride/a cab. Or you can wait until you are sobered up and your BAC on the Breathlyzer dips below the legal limit.

As you can see, all of these products are new technologies that have been invented to prevent people from getting an OWI. OWIs are quite expensive, publicly embarrassing and spending the night in the drunk tank is the worst. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of these methods to help prevent yourself from making a costly mistake. Trying a few of these out are not a guarantee that you won’t get arrested or in trouble, but they are so cheap, that it is better to try, rather than guess or rely on your judgment after you have been drinking.

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