Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Lewis Law primarily focuses on the many issues surrounding an arrest, a criminal investigation and current or past criminal charges. It is important to note that an arrest simply means there is reasonable suspicion a person committed a crime. An arrest does not necessarily mean that a criminal charge has been formally stated by the court. We also deal with the substantive issues of the crimes for which our clients are charged. We have experience in preventing charges from ever being filed. When a client, who is being investigated or has been arrested on suspicion calls Lewis Law, we launch our own investigation and present evidence to the court or prosecutor negating the investigation or charges that are about to be filed by the prosecutor.

Defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence in criminal cases until prosecutors prove each essential element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Lewis Law actively pursues its client’s case through all stages of a criminal prosecution. Should our client not want to pursue a trial, then much of our work is through negotiation. We will work to arrange a deal or plea bargain that permits our client to admit guilt to a lesser offense or that results in an agreed upon sentence that the client is willing to accept.

We also focuses on matters that often involve Indiana University students. Megan Lewis received her undergraduate and two graduate degrees from Indiana University (“IU”) and understands the legal challenges many IU students experience. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions geared towards IU students.

Lewis Law provides criminal defense to those accused of the following criminal matters:

  • Drug & Alcohol Offenses
  • Theft & Conversion
  • Vandalism
  • Probation Violations
  • Infractions
  • Bond Hearings
  • Arrest & Search Warrants
  • Sentence Modifications
  • Juvenile Matters