Tailgating Information

Tailgating Information

Can I have a beer in my hand if I am underage?
No, it is illegal for anyone underage to consume any alcoholic beverage. If you are holding a beer in public then it is very likely that you will be caught and issued a ticket.

What if that beer is in a Red Solo cup?
Again, the drinking age is 21 and if you are underage then you are running a very high risk of obtaining a drinking ticket. Whether the alcohol is in a Red Solo cup or not.

Are all of the police going to be in uniform at the football field and tailgating area?
No, not all police are going to be in uniform come game day. The Indiana State Excise Police is the law enforcement division of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission. State Excise police officers are empowered by statute to enforce the laws and rules of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission as well as the laws of the State of Indiana. During the tailgates the excise police will walk around the fields in normal clothes and come up to anyone who they believe to be an underage drinker.

What should I do if someone asks to see my ID?
No matter what age you are you should ask to see a badge first. It is required by law that an officer must show you their badge before you have to hand over your ID. Once you have established that the person is an actual officer you should ALWAYS hand over your ID. Even if you are underage it is much better to get a drinking ticket rather than a resisting an arrest charge along with a drinking ticket, which can prevent you from qualifying for the PDP program.

Is running away from a police officer a bad idea?
Yes, it is always a bad idea to try and run from a police officer. There are numerous officers that are in the tailgate fields and it is very easy to spot someone who is running. In the end, you will get caught and charged with resisting arrest and still get issued a drinking ticket.

How much trouble will I be in if I get a drinking ticket?
Drinking tickets will usually lead to the pre-trial diversion program (“PDP”) offered by the Monroe County Prosecutor’s office. If you successfully complete the program, the court record will show that the charge was dismissed. However, a record that an arrest occurred, or that the charge was filed in court, will remain on your record. In certain circumstances, after a period of time has elapsed, your attorney may be able to petition the Court to restrict access to your record.

Running from an officer will cost you much more legally and financially. Once the Police catch you, which they will, you will not only be charged with an underage consumption ticket but also resisting arrest which can prevent you from qualifying for the PDP program.

How much is an underage consumption ticket?
An underage consumption ticket will usually cost you anywhere from $300-$500 depending upon what you are charged with.

How much is a Public intoxication ticket? (Same as above)