Little 500 Information

Little 500 Information

Is it true that there are extra police brought in for Little 500?
Yes, the City of Bloomington generally brings extra law enforcement in during the weekend. Since the population of Bloomington nearly triples from Thursday to Saturday, the Indiana State Police have created an initiative called the Intensified College Enforcement (“ICE”) to bring in more law enforcement. Since there are more police officers, it is more likely that you will get arrested if breaking the law. In 2012, the police arrested 271 people during Little 500 weekend.

Can I get a ticket even if I have only had a few beers?
Yes, if you are underage and have had a drop of alcohol you are breaking the law. While this particular offense may be fairly common, it’s important to know that the police do enforce this law. You don’t have to be drunk to be charged with the crime of underage consumption. So, if you’re 20 years old and have just a couple of sips of beer at your friend’s party and the party is busted, you will likely be charged with underage consumption.

Can I get a ticket at the Little 500 race?
Yes, there are going to be police everywhere, at the track, on the streets, at the liquor stores and all over the rest of town.

Is it ok to party in my dorm room?
No, during the Little 500 the dorms are policed much more frequently by the Resident Assistants. At the entrances to each dorm there are police officers making sure that no one is too rowdy and that no one coming back to the dorm is drunk. Drinking in the dorms during this week is an easy way to get an underage consumption ticket and you could possibly wind up in jail.

Can you get arrested in your dorm?
Yes, you can get arrested in your dorm room anytime. If you are noticeably intoxicated, the Residential Assistant reserves the right to call the police. Once the police come, they can arrest you for whatever infractions you have committed.

What could the police potentially pull you over for?
The police could pull you over for almost anything; such as, expired plates, a busted tail light and many other violations. Be sure to obey all traffic laws, have a sober driver and do not get in the car if you are under the legal age and have been drinking. Also, if you have any doubts, just call a cab.

Can you get in trouble for transporting a underage person with alcohol in the car?
Yes, if anyone in the car is underage, any alcohol found in the car will be deemed unlawful transportation of alcohol. Be sure that everyone in the car is of age, otherwise the police could technically give you a ticket for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.